Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Best of.....

As my travels in France come to a close, I'm compelled to examine just where I've been and where I'm going. I'd like to share some of my favorites.

I believe that the best lighting and the best scenery for the painter are in France. The people are very accepting of "une artiste" and seem flattered when I'm squatting in front of their home, or their historic building or taking photos of their spotted cows.

The best toilets and t-shirt slogans are far and above in Japan. I visited toilet facilities that featured singing commodes, appliances that masked one's personal hygiene with the sound of romantic waterfalls, heated seats and self cleaning wands. The t-shirts, with their imaginative non-sequiters, were amusing. Among my favorites were: "Happy Trendy, " and "My Flamingo Best Girl Friend," and "You Make Sexy."

The cheapest place to shop is Ukraine. Unfortunately, there's nothing to buy.......

The greenest fields are in Scotland. The most beautiful, and plentiful, thatched roof houses are in the Cotswolds in Great Britain. The best mussels, frites and beer are in Belgium. The best gelattos are in Italy, and what a thrill it is to stand in the very center of old Rome and walk the cobbles which are trenched with the marks of chariots from one thousand years ago and hold one's hand beneath the spring fed fountain which nourished the ancient ancestors.

I'm blessed to see, and experience and visually inhale the sights of other countries and cultures. Through my paintings, I wish to convey to YOU the feeling and delight of another place and time. Au revoir and "bonne chance."

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