Saturday, July 7, 2007

A travel help

Because of some changes in plans, we will have two rental cars in the course of the month here. The first one we got is much nicer and niftier than expected, with two great features: a good radio that picks up BBC from Jersey, 50 miles or so away, and a GPS navagation system.

If you are planning a trip somewhere you don't know directions and/or speak the language, as we do, the GPS is a great investment and in driving, I found it's a great help, as its map always knows where you are and what direction you're going, and the map can zoom in to help you get around town or zoom out when you're on the autoroute. The Michelin departmental map can't do that, and you don't have to fold up the GPS. It's a tool I will miss when we turn this vehicle in and get the one we will have for the rest of the trip.

The blog will now return to matters artistic, hopefully never to divert again.


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