Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A New Sport (for us)

These guys are waiting for the next "Saturday Night Live" reunion show.

The meeting of the minds

A winner emerges

Having missed the whole NASCAR thing, I'm always on the lookout for a new sports sensation. Part of the holiday weekend festivities included an all-day nautical jousting tournament on the River Rance in front of the atelier.

A fund-raiser for the Kiwanis club charities, teams from the towns around here compete over and over against each other. The boat is like a big rowing scull with a tail on which the jouster stands. The boats go to opposite ends of the river, the rowers pick up speed, and, well, you get the idea from above. St. Juvat won this round, as the jouster avoided a dip in the drink. (Speaking of drink, there was a lot of it going on, and the competition got more, shall we say, animated as the day went on.

I can see Dale Junior and Jeff Gordon settling a score or two this way, but that may be just me.


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